About Us


“Our mission is to find and expand your true athletic potential and to bring you to a next training level. We do that by creating high-performance sports clothes made of 100% natural fibres, by creating groundbreaking product innovations, by inspiring and nurturing a fitness spirit and engaging a global community of natural athletes.”

This is Natural AthletX.

Natural AthletX was created to take your training farther. We believe that hard, fast and strong work should also apply to your sports wear. As a company and as passionate hobby athletes, we understand the importance of getting every detail right. As a brand, we are on a mission to create good-looking, high-performance sports wear that is sustainably produced. The organic material allows to work as hard as you do.


Athletes laughing and having a good time.
Two athletes having a good time while working out.

The Foundation Was Laid.

As a dedicated athlete, Jürgen was tired of the clothing options for training. As he improved his strength, agility and overall fitness, his expectations and standards also grew. That’s when he decided to make a change. He put as much work into reading as he did into his training until he was fully satisfied with a clothing line that he knew would set a new industry standard.



What Defines Us.

Unlike other brands, Natural AthletX doesn’t take shortcuts. We aren’t here for the money; we are here to see you transform into the best athlete you can be. Our clothes will get you there. And while it feels good to wear stylish training wear, it feels even better to know each piece is produced using sustainable fabrics that are safe for the environment and made by manufacturers who carry the same high standards as we do. We didn’t just set out to create a stylish clothing brand; we set out to inspire you to push yourself to new heights and adopt a new lifestyle.


A female athlete standing.

Have We Sparked Your Interest?

We speak the same language and have the same vision? We are looking forward to an exchange among kindred spirits.

Just drop us a note.


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Be Part of the Natural AthletX Community


Be Part of the Natural AthletX Community