In a world of limited resources and unnaturalness, be the one who takes a step into a natural, environmentally friendly future.

Holz als Hauptrohstoff von Natural Athletx Sportkleidung

From the forest straight into your clothing.


Wood is a great material. Our landscape is characterized by trees and forests – in this respect, wood characterizes our life. It is natural, sustainable, it regrows and gives a pleasant feeling when wearing or touching it. The woods we use come from Austrian forests and sustainbly managed plantations only.


Fair, green and sustainable.

Organic Cotton

There is a reason why sustainably produced organic cotton is the favorite in the textile industry. With its special features, organic cotton stands out for its smooth feeling on the skin as well as its breathability and long durability.

Organic Cotton for Natural AthletX Sportswear
Elasthan für Natural AthletX Sportkleidung

Maximum flexibility.


Resilience, high elasticity and longevity – Elastane, a synthetic fiber, is responsible for these product features and is only minimally used in the production process.


When wood turns into clothing.

Sustainable production process

In the first step of production, wood is processed into little snippets and mixed with a specific solvent, so that cellulose is dissolved. Afterwards, the honey-like substance is pressed through silk glands, and further processed into finest fibers. Bleaching, cleaning and drying processes create a fine yarn, laying the foundation for further production stages.


Garn für Natural AthletX Sportkleidung
Fertigung in Europa und Herstellung in Österreich

Fair and ecoconsciously made in Europe.

Production process

Natural AthletX sports wear is produced under fair conditions in southern Europe, to be more precise, in the heart of Istanbul. We make sure that our clothing is produced by highly-skilled specialists. Due to the central location, transport routes can be kept short, which makes us as well the environment happy.


We are responsible for our environment.

Together with our partners Tencel and Lenzing Group, we strive to create a balance between mankind, environment and our strategic objectives.

Along the entire value chain, we take care of the environment and pay attention to justice and our promise to make the world a little better.

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