Social Fitnessing outweighs Social Distancing: How we become stronger together during isolation.

11. April
2 Sportler, die gemeinsam ein Body Workout machen

Friendship and an active lifestyle are some of the most important values that significantly contribute to our mental and physical health. We appreciate these qualities more than ever. Here are some tips to combine both of these values in times of corona. We’ll get through it together.

The burden of isolation.

surely, you get the feeling of completely losing the plot. You haven’t seen your friends and family for ages, your favorite gym is closed, and the tennis championships are put on ice. It is relatable, indeed, that your motivation to exercise is sorted out.

Stop wallowing in self-pity and desperation! There is a wide range of home workouts, live yoga sessions and fitness challenges without any equipment that strengthen your willpower to challenge you and others. And these offers are becoming more and more. In times of isolation, especially, it is important to allow for more activities in order to activate your body’s immune system, to produce endorphins or simply to give yourself a treat. Physical activities as well as social relationships ensure life quality and days full of energy.

Family, friends and any other social contacts are currently living in fear. Fear of job loss, fear of disease, or fear of one’s own existence. Exercising, talking to friends or meditating may help escape from those evil thoughts.

Our recommendation: Try to observe your thoughts without judging them. Are you finding yourself in a situation you cannot change? Try to get rid of it and shift your thoughts to any situations you can change by yourself. You will soon realize, how much energy you waste on your mental world.

So, how can physical activities with friends and isolation be united?

Video Calling.

Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Teams, WhatsApp,…

The list of video conferencing tools goes on and on. They offer you a great opportunity to train together, to challenge, encourage and motivate each other. If you are usually taking yoga classes, visit the website or Facebook profile of your institution. The majority of fitness institutions offers live classes that enable you to train and exchange in a community.

You usually train privately or in a smaller group? No problem either. Organize a team workout via Zoom or Hangouts and get your friends on board. You will surely shed some sweat. 😉

Workout recommendation:
In teams of 4:
2000 reps of:
– squats
– push-ups
– sit-ups

You can split the repetitions as you wish.

Challenge yourself and others.

Almost any smart watch and fitness tracker offers access to various fitness communities. Invite your friends and challenge them. Who can do most push-ups this week? Or who will crack the 100 km running mark? This will not only foster the co-existence between you and your friends, but also your personal ambition.

Runtastic, Fitbit or Freeletics are successful examples that show how to get the inspiration you need to challenge your friends or simply to stay fit.

You want to keep your fighting spirit wide awake during the corona-crisis? Crossfit initiated a format called “support your local box fundraiser”. In these 3 weeks of competition, athletes of any level can compete against each other. For more information click here:

How to get fit at home.

It takes a while until you get used to home workouts, especially if you are used to go to the gym on a daily basis. There are also some other factors that may influence your workout.

If you stay all day in your home office, of course it seems even more strenuous to find some motivation for exercising. In order to prevent that lack of motivation, plan your workouts the same way as you plan your lunch break. Maybe you will also find the time to split your training sessions, so you can work out in the morning after getting up, and in the evening after a hard day of work.

Not having enough space is a common issue among athletes. Burpees, tuck jumps or handstand exercises may lead to some broken living accessories.

It’s best to look for a nice place in the garden, inner courtyard or in a deserted meadow (taking the hygiene regulations and the minimum gap into consideration, of course ;)) and go to ones limits!

Or you make sure to include exercises that don’t require too much space, like squats, push-ups, lunges, sit-ups etc.

Keep in mind that this situation is only temporary. You will soon be able to return to your familiar workout routines.


Even if you are separated from your favorite workout buddy, that does not mean you have to get fit on your own. Call your loved ones, do a workout together and challenge each other. Of course, your workouts are different than usual, but as the saying goes “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to stay healthy…

How does your home workout routine look? Drop us a line at

Thanks for reading and stay safe!  See you soon,

your Natural AthletX team.


Jürgen ist Founder and CEO of Natural AthletX, loves Crossfit, Soccer and good food. 

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