Our Promise



Our top priority is to bring sports passion and nature together. Our aim is to create a fairer and more sustainable world that brings out the best in each athlete. We deeply respect and value the use of resources and manpower; therefore, we closely work together with manufacturers in Austria and Turkey to create a sustainable production process under particularly fair conditions. In the selection of suitable partners, we attached great importance to fairness and excellent working conditions.

Certified partner companies.

In the choice of suitable partners, our basic prerequisites included good working conditions, social standards and a fair salary. Our partners have received numerous certificates that support our philosophy.

Produced in Europe.

In order to ensure a sustainable supply chain, we chose Istanbul, Turkey as our manufacturing base. After the production process, our products are delivered to our storeroom in Germany.

Resource-friendly manufacturing

In the production of Natural AthletX sportswear, we only use carefully selected fibers like Lyocell and organic cotton. In comparison to conventional fibers, the production of Natural AthletX sportswear cuts down CO2 emissions by 75% and requires 3 to 4 times less acreage.

Certificates for partner company


In a world full of unnaturalness, poverty and injustice, we are taking one step at a time by trying to make the world a little better. We don’t put up with the minimum, but we are striving for development and innovation for a fair world.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Highest Standards.


We don’t put up with the minimum of quality. Therefore, we do our very best on a daily basis to develop sports wear with highest quality standards by standardized and controlled production processes.

Repaying Nature.


From nature for nature: With every completed order in our online shop, we will plant a tree in a country where the need is greatest.

100% happy customers.


Your satisfaction is of paramount importance for us. Therefore, we do our very best to offer you an unforgettable shopping experience. Requests, feedback and suggestions are more than welcome.

"It's time to repay nature for all it does"

In conversation with Jürgen Scheuchenpflug, founder of Natural AthletX

Why did you choose natural fibers for your sports wear?

Every day is a new beginning and at the same time a chance to make the world a little better, by accompanying athletes on their way to sporting success. That’s why Natural AthletX was founded.

In times of climate change, environmental disasters and suffering, especially, we owe nature a careful handling, by repaying it for all it does. In other words, we are striving to be in harmony with nature, creating powerful resources, innovative functionalities and careful logistics. We do our best to revolutionize the sports industry accordingly.

For me, it is of utmost importance to have my finger on the pulse of the time: Whenever we find better raw materials or product innovations, we will do everything possible to make use of that.


What does the name Natural AthletX stand for?

It’s easy to see that nature is a top priority at Natural AthletX. As an athlete, you try hard to give your body the best treatment possible in order for it to be fit and efficient. Nutrition plans; training schedules, including natural movements; regeneration after training; massages; measuring the quality of sleep etc. are no longer rarities in today’s day and age. We can get a lot more out of our bodies without any chemical substances or artificial additives.



What makes Natural AthletX so special?

With the foundation of Natural AthletX, we have promised to set new standards concerning the quality of sports wear. Our clothing contains exactly what it says, because authenticity and transparency are essential at any point of time. We don’t do fakeness. Come and see it for yourself!


What is your formula for success?

Frankly speaking, I’m approaching this project with more motivation day by day, because I am fully aware of the fact that we can set a new milestone here.

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