Marco Poxrucker

Shift worker, 32 years young, Crossfit enthusiast

Athlet macht einen Snatch

What you need to know.

I started doing fitness a few years ago, after I had been diagnosed with a slipped disc. By exercising regularly, my fitness level improved in such a way that my physical complaints eased, and I made remarkable progress. The ordinary training sessions quickly turned out to be mundane, so I discovered Crossfit – physical exercises combined with endurance training. What strikes me most is the versatility of exercises that one single training session is comprised of and the idea of pushing my body to the limit. The feeling after a hard training gives me strength and satisfaction. My athletic goal is to become better every single day.


I feel honored to represent Natural AthletX at sport events. I’m looking forward to whatever may come.

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Athlet macht einen Snatch
Athlet macht Muscle Ups
Athlet macht Kettlebell Swings
Athlet mach einen Sntach