Why Natural?


Just as you push your body to the limit, we do our very best to develop sustainable products. In searching for excellent technologies on the market, we came across the natural fiber Tencel.

This is Tencel.

Natural Fibers made of Cellulose

Tencel, also known as Lyocell, is an industrially manufactured cellulose fiber, made of natural resources. Wood from Austrian forests serves as the basic product. Tencel stands out for its smooth surface and offers a plethora of further qualities for athletes.

100% Natural.


Natural AthletX ranks the conservation of valuable resources first, as nature is the starting point of our daily work and conviction. Our actions are characterized by ethical and environmentally friendly considerations, ranging from the purchase of natural raw materials to fair production, transparent operation and careful logistics.

Optimal Moisture Absorption.


Compared to other natural fibers, Lyocell absorbs 50% more moisture. Due to the unique fibril structure, the material absorbs the skin’s moisture quickly and releases it into the room air again. Therefore, your body will always remain pleasantly cool.

Athlete Sweating
Athlete performing a Muscle Up

Low Growth of Bacteria.

Bacterial Growth

This material will reduce bacterial growth naturally, without any further chemical additives. Produced moisture is quickly removed from the body, so bacteria formation can be prevented right at the beginning. Compared to other synthetic fibers, Tencel does not produce a moisturizing film, which serves as the breeding ground for bacteria.

More Power during Training.


Optimal fiber composition and high-quality textile processing offer your body the best regeneration possible during your training session, guaranteeing an increase in performance.


Athlete doing HIT Training with Ropes
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